• Heal Collection

    A powerful regenerative crystal crew to physical renew, revive & restore your health. Rejuvenation amplified by moon power, potent botanicals & aromatherapy support. 

    About This Collection

  • Heal Collection


    A powerful regenerative crystal crew to physical renew, revive & restore your physical health. Rejuvenation vibrating from a cellular level amplified by moon power, potent botanicals & aromatherapy support. Side effects may include increased energy, vigor, and overall well-being.

    Crystals, Essential Oils, and Botanicals not all present in every item. These are the elements of the full collection and used per item as appropriate.


    Clear Quartz-known as the “master healer,” aligns chakras, amplifies energy, fights negativity, balances & revitalizes spiritual, mental, physical & emotional. Highly potent, easily programmable magnifier of energy & intentions. Cleanses & purifies other crystals.

    Black Tourmaline-recycles energies into balanced state, dispelling negative. Supports metabolism, grounding, circulation, energy, stress, pain.

    Lepidolite-strong purification tool, good for chronic illness, nervous system, immune system, allergies, tense physical body, frayed emotions, overworked mind.

    Sunstone-overall mind-body connection, optimism, energy, motivation, luck, aches & pains, foot problems, kidney, liver, digestion

    Red Aventurine-immune system, autoimmune disorders, infertility/reproductive health, low blood pressure, liver disorders

    Unakite-general injury/physical healing,


    recovery, tissue health & healing, reproductive system, healthy pregnancy & fetal development

    Carnelian-wound healing, toxin flush, fertility, vitality, immune system, purifies organs, swollen glands, allergies, back problems, blood disorders, body balance, digestive system, endurance, libido

    Blue Chalcedony-bodily wound healing, cleansing, body temperature regulation

    Amber-vitality, natural antibiotic, infection & fever, powerful purifier, absorbs pain, promotes wound healing, balance, self-healing, respiratory, ear/nose/throat, tooth pain, anti-inflammatory

    Obsidian-wounds, detox, circulation, digestion, heart, chakra blockages, arthritis/joint health, protection

    Amethyst-overall healing, immune system, cleansing & eliminating, regulates intestinal flora, natural tranquilizer, nervous system, cell regeneration


    Tourmaline-nervous system, immune system, bones, digestion, grounding, ally for immunity, mental health, brain oxygenation, circulation, body detox

    Iolite-detox, nervous system, liver, memory, fatigue, migraines, musculoskeletal, thyroid, vitality, release accumulated fatty deposits

    Sodalite-blood pressure, aging process, immune system, brain disorders & health, chemotherapy, glandular, liver, lymphatic system, pain, tonsilitis, thyroid, metabolism, cell regeneration

    Turquoise-balances & aligns chakras, respiratory, immune system, nutrient absorption, serenity/positivity/calm to promote healing, nervous system, bodily fluids, anti-poison, strength

    Tanzanite-higher consciousness/perception to listen to your body, detoxification, vitality, cell regeneration, eye disorders, skin disorders, exhaustion

    Selenite-decision making, calmness, intuition, clarity, charges other crystals.

    Essential  Oils

    Cinnamon-inflammation, antimicrobial, circulation, stress, infections, digestion, neurological health

    Tea Tree-antibacterial, antiseptic, wound healing, triggers white blood cells, antifungal

    Clary Sage-stress, antibacterial, antidepressant, stress, wound healing

    Cypress-antimicrobial, antibacterial, wound healing, infections, toxin removal, blood & respiratory conditions

    Lemongrass-antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, anxiety, aches, indigestion, antioxidant

    Lavender-relaxation, antifungal, insomnia, eczema, nausea

    Geranium-antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, astringent, healing


    Cinnamon-inflammation, antimicrobial, circulation, stress, infections, digestion, neurological health


    My head is clear. I am energized. I am cleansed. I am protected on all levels. I am balanced & filled with peace. I am here to flourish. I am filled with optimism. I gently release negative energy within & around me. I welcome transformation into my life. I have the strength & abilities to overcome any situation that comes my way. I am strong & highly adaptable. I am at one with myself, the Earth, & the Universe

    Cleansed by sage and incense. Charged by moonlight.

    Where possible, includes Clear Quartz for cleansing other crystals, Selenite for charging other crystals.

    Use: Daily to weekly. Pour into hand to make skin contact with stones. Program stones by stating intention or repeating mantra (your own or ours) for desired outcomes in physical healing & wellness goals. The more they’re used, the more potent they’ll become & part of user’s energy. Put outside overnight during full moon to charge.

    About Individual Products

    Moon Water—8 oz. of Moon Water, each moon water will have a label stating the date & time of the full moon the water was charged under, Latitude & Longitude, And which Astrology sign it coincided with.

    Charged Crystal Elixir—Our crystal elixir comes in a dropper bottle and is our Moon Water charged with the crystals coinciding with the collection.

    Charged Crystal Essence—Our Crystal Essences are sprayable moon water with full moon charged crystals coinciding with the collection, fragranced with the aromatherapy and botanicals of the collection.

    Crystal Curations Vials & Aura Packs—All crystal curation vials and aura packs contain the crystals of the collection, sage cleansed and full moon charged with the appropriate intention placed on them. Each of these also contain Selenite for ongoing charging/to use in a pinch as a pointer for a mini crystal grid, and clear quartz for clearing and amplifying energies.

    Crystal Rollers—Our crystal rollers contain the essential oils, botanicals, and crystals of its respective collection.

    Candles & Soaps—All our candles and soaps contain crystals, essential oils, and botanicals from the specific collection.

    All Moon Water will contain small amounts of citric acid, apple cider vinegar, and salt for purification and preservation.

    Downloadable pdf of this information here.