Copper & Crystal Face Roller - Massager

Copper & Crystal Face Roller - Massager

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Your beauty routine is super important! That's why this facial massager is the perfect addition to your morning and/or nightly routine! Made with copper metal and 100% natural polished crystals from Brazil, this facial roller can help to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, crows feet, tired and puffy eyes and more. Available in many different polished crystal options. Need to know which one to choose? Just click on each crystal name that will take you to our crystal guide, or see below information:

-stone of love, delivers inner healing. Reduces stress and impurities from skin. Detox, lifts, soften fine lines while draining toxins and negativity.

 Reduces wrinkles, loose skin, raises immunity of skin. Calms irritated skin, improves elasticity and lymphatic drainage.

-Hydrates skin cells, calms inflammation, balances mineral deficiency

-Hydrates skin bringing balance. Calms inflammation. Highly relaxing, calming stone. Perfect for nighttime routine. 

-stress reliever, calms inflammation and great for acne prone skin.

- radiate confidence, strength and vitality! Releases toxins, lymphatic drainage, reduce puffiness (great under eyes) relieves sinus pressure, brightens appearance of skin, stimulates collagen production.

- removes negativity, balances skin and heals and rejuvenates on all levels.

 -considered the master healer with its energies. With proper use, it helps to clear up stagnant energies stored in your facial and neck muscles and will also absorb negative energies you're holding onto. Quartz also amplifies intentions set while using this tool, so set some good ones!  Great stone for any time routine-but particularly at night-after a long day! 

- Calming stone for nervous system, great for reducing acne, jaw tension, stimulates lymphatic drainage, boost blood circulation, reduces swelling. Also reduces wrinkles and dark circles/dark spots as it heats up on your skin.

- perfect for nighttime routine, it is a calming stone, helps reduce stress, ease muscle tension, brings peace and contentment. Reduces inflammation, promotes lymphatic drainage, improves elasticity and reduces fine lines.

Lepidocrocite-Excellent stone for relaxation and bringing peace and calm. The energy will transfer to the part of your face or neck that needs healing as it oxygenates and regenerates cells. Can reduce inflammation and tension, promotes lymphatic drainage, improves elasticity and reduces fine lines.

Made with copper...which is an anti aging metal used in ancient Egypt...great for hydrating skin and prolonging youth.

Instructions for use: The double roller is enhanced for different areas of your face. Use the larger one in outward motions on your cheeks, forehead, and chin/neck. Use the smaller one for under and around your eyes. Use sweeping motions from your face, outward to your hairline for best results. You can rinse each crystal with warm water and wipe with a soft cloth to clean the crystal from any facial oils.

Whichever crystal you choose, please charge/cleanse your face roller before use to remove any negative energy (it's been through manufacturing, shipping, multiple hands, my hands taking pictures, want to clean all that energy away!)

Here are several different ways to charge your crystal for maximum results:

1. Place the roller in direct moonlight or sunlight for up to 6 hours

2. Light a sage bundle and allow the sage smoke to envelop the roller for at least 30 seconds to 1 minute. 

3. Once you've cleansed your crystal, set an intention with it and you're ready to go! 

Stones from Brazil, manufactured in China

  • Balance Collection


    Weight loss & weight management shouldn’t be a roller coaster. The outcome is not the only reason for wanting to balance weight - energy, mobility, overall health, etc. are all important facets that improve continually over the course of the journey. Support full manifestation of your intentions with an approach toward balancing: energy, mood, metabolism, stress, appetite, emotion. You’re a whole person, treat yourself like it.

    Crystals, Essential Oils, and Botanicals not all present in every item. These are the elements of the full collection and used per item as appropriate.


    Blue Aventurine - Take charge & stick-to it

    Ruby Zoisite - Keep on track, be productive, respond to your own truths

    Blue Apatite - Curbs appetite, boosts metabolism & intuition, eliminates blockages, returns body to balance. Enhances manifestation to facilitate results.

    Red Green Agate - Youth, vitality, digestion, nervous system, sexual vitality

    Labradorite - Metabolism, circulation, respiratory system, digestion, decision making, energy, clarity, higher consciousness, anxiety, depression

    Garnet - Metabolism, circulation, self-esteem, grounding, passion, sex, creativity

    Cat’s Eye - Metabolism, blood sugar, cholesterol, mobility, joy, confidence & self worth

    Peridot - Motivation, blood sugar, hormones, big picture, sense of direction, taking responsibility

    Sodalite - Metabolism, curbs cravings & stress eating, immune strength, rational thought, objectivity, self-esteem, self-acceptance & self-trust.

    Carnelian - Reduce hunger & cravings, blood detox, well-being boost, libido burst, toxin flush, bold empowering & stimulating joy, courage, endurance, energy, motivation.

    Iolite - Vitality, release accumulated fatty deposits, detoxing, combats fatigue, supports muscular/skeletal & thyroid

    Clear Quartz - Motivation, metabolism, excess energy channeling, amplifier of thoughts & energy, fights negativity, balances & revitalizes spiritual mental physical & emotional, improves concentration, grasping power & memory. Highly potent, easily programmable magnifier of energy & intentions. Cleanses & purifies other crystals.

    Selenite - Decision making, calmness, intuition, clarity, charges other crystals.

    Essential Oils

    Eucalyptus - Antioxidants, pain relief, sinus issues, combat stress, heighten alertness, control blood sugar, ease joint pain

    Peppermint - Relieve pain, eliminate mucus, reduce muscle spasm, support weight loss, digestive issues, improving mental function

    Lavender - Promotes relaxation, treats anxiety, depression, insomnia


    I find wisdom & maturity through spiritual growth. I am filled with joyful & creative energy. My body is rejuvenated & balanced. I embrace my playful side & ignore resistance to joyful moments. I welcome transformation into my life. I am loyal to myself & others. I am perceptive. It is safe for me to detoxify & heal. My head is clear, & I am energized. I am cleansed. I am at one with myself, the Earth, & the Universe.

    Cleansed by sage and incense. Charged by moonlight.

    Where possible, includes Clear Quartz for cleansing other crystals, Selenite for charging other crystals.

    Use: Daily to weekly. Pour into hand to make skin contact with stones. Program stones by stating intention or repeating mantra (your own or ours) for desired outcomes in weight/health goals. The more they’re used, the more potent they’ll become & part of user’s energy. Put outside overnight during full moon to charge.

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