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Petra Teertha is first and foremost about you. Collections are curated and customized in small or even individual batches to ensure exceptional intention and deeply focused energy has gone into every step of the journey for your products.

Our founder has been active in spirituality, travel, holistic practices, and crystals since 2000. In this time she received her BA in Religious Studies and then her MA in Communications. From here she received her Crystal Healing Diploma from the Centre of Excellence with distinction, her Advanced Crystal Healing Practitioner Diploma and Accreditation through the International Association of Therapists, and her Crystal Master Certification through the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine. She is a member and Accredited Training Provider of the IOAT and has received various accolades for work done in Energy & Intention Research.


Petra Teertha Collections focus on combining elements that utilize functionality from a variety of different holistic schools of thought. These curated components complement one another to create a companion set to walk with you on your path, focusing on the whole person in regard to intended outcomes. Explore our collections and see if something aligns with your journey.


We’re jiving at a higher vibe with our Love Collection. Whether your intentions are for self-love, familial love, romantic love, love for your fellow humans, or friendship—we embrace universal love & sharing the infinite affection with you.

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The perfect complement to the vibrant energy of citrine? The sweet smell of success! Our citrus-enhanced success collection has been curated for your personal or gifting pleasure.  

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Insomnia,  anxiety,  nightmares,  sleepwalking,  snoring—so  many  obstacles  that  can  sneak  between  you  and  a  good  night’s sleep.  What  to  do?  Relax—our  Sleep  Collection  is  a  real snooze  fest. 

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Crystals, aromatherapy, candlelight. Natural nurturing for any place on the sobriety journey. Our Clean Collection is curated by a certified crystal healer walking the same path, supporting the power of intention with gentle focus. 

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Weight loss & weight management shouldn’t be a roller coaster. Support your intentions with an approach toward balancing: energy, mood, metabolism, stress, appetite, emotion. You’re a whole person, treat yourself like it. 

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A powerful regenerative crystal crew to physical renew, revive & restore your health. Rejuvenation amplified by moon power, potent botanicals & aromatherapy support. 

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Our most popular services available. The simplicity of charged Moon Water versus the complexity behind a custom curation. Learn about all of our products, including our famous Moon Water, in our overview here.

Care, deeply holistic consideration, experience & expertise guide every custom curation. Examples range the spectrum from a housewarming gift to new homeowners to a specialized collection for mending a mother-daughter relationship.

Whenever you work with Petra Teertha, you can trust that you’re in great hands with the highest level of professionalism & confidentiality.



From Root to Crown our Chakras are part of the flow of energy that exists between all things and ties different parts of our being to different energetic elements. Thrive in your vibe and have fun with your journey as you explore these soulful touchpoints.

If you're new or just enjoy reveling in all things Chakra, check out our latest download - Chakra Talk - our Chakras 101 guide to give the basic ins and outs of Chakras with a wink toward the playful. 

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We're in the process of cataloguing our resources to share with you. Check back or follow us on social to get updates about new additions. 



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